What Others Are Saying

My boisterous son began taking lessons with Emily at the age of five, and over the last four years, her patience, close observation, creativity, kindness, and deep musical knowledge has shaped him into a skilled young piano player who takes pride in the pieces he plays. Her meticulous preparation for each semester, and each individual lesson, kept my son on track and made each lesson fun. Emily’s technical skills, caring approach, and ability to bring out the very best in each student distinguishes her piano studio from any other. –AB, parent from Mound, MN

Emily taught my daughter, who started playing piano when she was three, for four years.  You will never find a more patient, loving, and passionate teacher.  Emily instilled a love for music and excitement in my daughter that I’ve seen stretch beyond just piano.  I’m very appreciative of the musical start she gave my daughter and would highly recommend Emily for anyone looking for a piano teacher, regardless of the student’s playing ability level. –CM, parent from Mound, MN

Miss Emily teaches our four daughters in extremely creative ways.  Her gentle, kind, fun, and patient personality make her a wonderful teacher…she is also very encouraging!  She comes with all kinds of visual teaching tools that really help kids understand the basics as well as the advanced concepts of music.  Our 4-year-old loves her just as much as our 10-year-old loves her.  🙂  She has been a huge blessing to us, and we highly recommend her!!! –TM, parent from Mound, MN

My daughter, Ashley, took piano lessons from Emily for 2 years. She is such an amazing teacher, and my daughter loved her. Emily was able to teach in a fun, motivating way that kept my daughter interested in learning and practicing. Emily’s knowledge and passion for music is contagious. But most of all, she loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. We miss her and wish you would send her back to PA!!! –TS, parent from Marietta, PA

Emily was a great teacher, she was REALLY nice and taught me well. I was just past being a beginner and she helped me improve my skills.  Emily will push you gently to do what you think you can’t do (but she shows you that you really can:) ) She was a great teacher and I miss her A TON now that she’s living in MN. — AM, jr. high student from Marietta, PA

Emily’s love for piano is apparent and she does a wonderful job passing that on to her students!  She does a great job making lessons fun and “painless” for her younger students while teaching them fundamental musical skills.  She does a great job motivating and challenging her older students to strive for excellence in their playing while learning to enjoy music. –KG, parent from Marietta, PA

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