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Wondering if piano lessons are right for your child?  Read about our innovative lessons, then call for a free sample lesson and consultation.

Private lessons are weekly and forty-five minutes or sixty minutes in length.  Lessons are taught at Emily’s in-home studio in Faribault, MN.

Each lesson is carefully and creatively tailored to meet each student’s personal needs and goals.

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A typical lesson includes:
♪ artistic pieces of repertoire

♪ theory
♪ aural skills
♪ sight reading
♪ improvisation
♪ proper technic

♪ development of practice skills
♪ hands-on learning activities


Emily uses colorful visuals, games, hands-on activities, and music education apps with students of all ages.  The learning environment is comfortable, and lessons are kept energetic, exciting, and enjoyable!



Students enjoy learning a variety of repertoire styles, including standard classical literature, movie themes, pop songs, and hymn arrangements.  Students are given the opportunity to play music that appeals to them!


Students also enjoy competing in studio practice incentives and competitions.  The one-on-one encouragement and instruction received from Emily’s Piano Studio will inspire students to love music and become self-motivated pianists.


Emily believes that the musical study is beneficial for everyone, regardless of his age, ability or interest in music as a life-long pursuit.  Piano study will develop life skills invaluable to anyone–such as creativity, diligence, concentration, and perseverance.  Students will also learn to love and appreciate the beauty of music.  Emily supports her students’ goals and dreams for their musical journey and inspires them to excellence along the way!


Interested in joining a growing group of Faribault students?
Emily would love to answer any questions you may have!

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