10 Reasons to Choose Us

project board 2#10 A music lending library full of print music, cd’s, learning tools, and more

#9 Exclusive access to Piano Maestro by JoyTunes – Music and technology are combined for instant feedback during home practice sessions!

#8 Piano Pronto learning method – Students play real and recognizable songs with music on the staff from day 1.

#7 Innovative teaching methods utilizing the latest music software and iPad apps, learning games and visuals, and more!

#6 Custom designed yearly themes incorporate music history, technical skills, and special projects:
-Around the World in 88 Keys
-Mastering the Mystery of Music
-Let’s Have a Ball: Becoming a Well Rounded Musician
-The Magical Lute: A Musical Quest … and more!

Reese and me - playing#5 Students are given the opportunity to learn music that appeals to them – movie themes, pop songs, worship music, classical, jazz…you name it; we’ve done it!

#4 Group classes and recitals promote camaraderie, performance opportunities, and fun among the students.

#3 Students learn to not only express themselves through their music, but also influence and bless others with the piano skills they are learning.

#2 Students learn valuable character qualities such as diligence, determination, attentiveness, and enthusiasm.

#1 Students leave each lesson feeling valued and proud of their work!

Ready to join a growing group of students in the greater Faribault area?  Give Emily a call today to schedule your interview and first lesson!

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