Marathon Training Week 11

Playing catch-up with blogging again, so I’ll pretty much just document my miles and comment on a few highlights.

Monday – 6 miles – 1:09:32/ 11:35 pace
Run 2 miles/ walk 1.5 miles/ Run 2.5 miles – Dealing with extreme heat conditions!

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 8 miles – 1:38:12/ 12:17 pace
Ran miles 1-5 and felt crazy strong and energized.  However, everything sadly fell apart when I had severe stomach issues and had to walk miles 6-8 to keep from *ahem* exploding.  I’ve never had this problem before, and can’t figure it out.

Thursday – 8 miles – 1:21:51/ 10:14 pace

Friday – rest

Saturday – 20 MILES!!! – 3:41:30/ 11:04 pace
My first ever 20 miler.  This felt awesome!  We stopped a couple times to refill our water bottles and for the porta-potty.  Overall, it felt like a strong run, albeit slower than our normal pacing.  It was also pretty hot for this run, so the conditions and extra hydrating slowed us as well.  

Week 11 COMPLETED – 42 miles

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